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What Every Senior Care Home Should Know About A Supervision System

If you are going to send your loved one to a Care Home, you may as well make it as special as possible. That is why it becomes very important to choose a suitable Care Home which has all the facilities that your loved one deserves. There is no point in sending them to a Home where they feel they are in a small pot or one that does not provide them with proper facilities to eat and take care of themselves. Here are some features that a good Home should have.

* Mealtimes. This means that the meals are served at a regular time, not only daily and that the meals are nutritious and tasty. The residents’ diet should be carefully planned by the caregivers, in consultation with them. This ensures that they don’t feel starved or bored while they are eating. In fact, the caretakers should work towards making their residents’ lives comfortable, and not only comfortable but happy too.

* Meals served on time. Some Care Homes has a poor facility to serve the food on time, so their meals do not satiate their patients. Other good care homes serve their meals on time, so their residents feel they are attended to properly, and given the best available food.

* Healthy lifestyle. All good care homes promote a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that the residents have regular exercise and get enough sleep. Good care homes should also provide them with a social program, where they can interact with their family members. Some elderly homes lack activities for their residents, which also leads to depression among them. Rather than leaving their residents in solitude, the staff at such a home should provide them with some form of social interaction like games, walks, etc.

* Socializing with other people. This may sound very basic, but it is one thing most home care homes fail to realize. They put the care of their residents on their own and fail to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with their neighbors. A home care provider should make all efforts possible to make friends with his or her neighbors and keep the environment safe for the elderly residents. These should include elderly relatives, neighbors, and even doctors and nurses. By doing this, the care provider’s patients become less lonely and thus feel more comfortable.

* Making sure medical aid is always near. There should be a doctor within the premises of the care home. Even if the nurse and the doctor are out of sight, the resident can still get medical attention when he or she needs it. This reduces the risk of unwanted harm to the residents of the care home.

* Staff training. Good care homes take care of their staff well. Providing training to its employees will make them more competent and responsible, and less likely to commit any offenses against the residents. Good employees will also increase the chances of the staff member leaving the home before things get too bad.

* Maintaining order in the home. Staff members should be polite and courteous to each resident, and they should never use abusive or threatening language. This care home does not deserve to be associated with such behavior, and any such behavior should be reported immediately. Any violent act against the residents of the home should be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

* Maintain a safe environment for the residents. Staff should only enter a room when the resident’s permission is given. The staff should never threaten to remove someone if they do not allow access to something. If a staff member is doing something that could cause physical harm to a resident, they should immediately call the resident’s attention to the situation. A care home should have rules and regulations in place to prevent this type of behavior. By enforcing these rules, the care home will show its residents that they will be held accountable if they do not follow the rules and will show visitors that they are serious about the safety of each resident.

* Establishing good communication between residents and the staff. When people live in a care home, they often lack the ability to talk openly and freely with the people around them. Communication is crucial between these residents and the staff, as the residents need to know where they can go and what they can do to get help when they need it. Without good communication, the care home will not be as safe as it could be. Also, without a good system of communication, the residents may feel afraid to ask for help or to share problems, which leads to negligence on the part of the care staff.

* Making sure that all residents’ medications are up to date. Many seniors suffer from various ailments, which can make them lose weight or become ill at a strange time. A care home should be proactive in monitoring the health of every resident and should take the necessary steps to ensure that their medications are up to date. If the care home has a direct supervisor, they should visit the senior on a weekly basis to make sure that the medications are being properly administered and to see how well the senior is doing. If the senior needs more assistance, the supervisor should be sure to let the care manager know so that extra help can be sent out.

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