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Roasted Fish With Warm Spices and Warm Capsicums and Olive Salad

One of the most exciting foods to come along in a long time is the Roasted Fish with Warm Capsicum and Olive Salad. This combination of fish, salad and the spice of Brazil is something to be experienced. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where this fabulous meal is available, I urge you to give it a try. As I alluded to, the combination of fish, salad and the spice of Brazil is something to be experienced. If not, well, you can always go back for seconds.

The combination of warm spices like cumin, garlic and ginger gives this dish a distinctively Portuguese flavor. The capsicum adds the zest to the dish. If you have not tried this before, do not worry. I won’t tell you that the spicy taste is so intense that the children will get a heart attack. Actually, the children will be able to eat it without a problem because the heat of the peppers dissipates very quickly.

To prepare the fish, simply place the olive salad on the plate. On top, place a piece of cheese on each piece of fillet the fish is served with. Place a slice or two of fresh capicola on top of the cheese. You can drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the entire dish just prior to serving.

After you have finished your meal, you will want to serve the family warm capsicum and olive salad. If you want to make this a meal your entire family will enjoy, you can easily prepare side dishes like fried potatoes and onions. Then let them enjoy their meal. After eating, you can help everyone else in the house by cleaning up the leftover fish. Then everyone can enjoy their meal as well.

For this recipe, you will need about one pound of fresh salmon. Salt and pepper to taste are the most important things when preparing this dish. In addition, you will need about half a cup of chopped fresh olives, a quarter teaspoon of coarsely chopped parsley, and about one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. In a nonstick skillet, cook the salmon over low heat until it is pink. Drain off any excess fat from the fish. Place the fish at one end of a plate, cover with olive oil and place in the oven at 300 degrees until the outside of the fish begins to brown.

Remove the fish from the oven and allow it to cool slightly. Using a fork, carefully remove the scales from the outside of the fish. If the olive oil has dissolved completely, you can wipe away the remains using paper towels. Place the fish on a plate, add some extra virgin olive oil and top with your choice of salad dressing. The dressing you choose is entirely personal; think about something light and bright, or perhaps a little more tart.

You may feel like serving this meal as a side dish with some crackers or sliced vegetables. Feel free to serve it alongside some red or white bell pepper. Alternatively, you may wish to serve this with some lightly steamed broccoli or spinach. A simple bowl of frozen peas will be a welcome addition to this already fragrant salad. When you have finished your first round of this treat, you will find yourself ready to dive into a second helping! A side salad of mixed greens is also a great way to round out the taste of this tasty and nutritious salad.

Roasted fish with warm spices and warm capsicum and olive oil will leave your taste buds perkier than the day you had planned it. There are several different variations of this recipe. You can make the olive oil slightly oily in order to add a bit more depth to the flavor. You may also use different types of spices to give your dish an additional dimension, such as cardamom or coriander. Whatever type of extras you choose to incorporate, this dish is sure to be a winner!

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