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Pairing Great Smoked Salmon and Sweet Potatoes Cake With Green Salad

Is there any reason why sweet potato cakes with smoked salmon should be on your diet? I don’t think so. People have been enjoying this type of dessert for hundreds of years, and before you start thinking it’s some kind of New Age fad, realize that they’ve been enjoying them for more than a thousand years. For the health-conscious among you, there’s even evidence they helped reduce costs in medieval times.

The most obvious place to start when discussing sweet potato cakes with smoked salmon is the reason they’re delicious. The taste of sweet potato is much sweeter than the flavor of smoked salmon. There’s not the same sharp, salty or fishy aftertaste, which can be associated with smoking. This is good news for those of you who are lactose intolerant.

Another plus to eating a sweet potato and salmon cake with a green salad is how filling it can be. Unlike other dishes, like a tossed salad or roasted chicken, which can feel too heavy, this one really leaves a nice feeling in the stomach. It’s high in carbohydrates, which your body needs to energy for the day. And since it’s high in carbs, it’s also low in fat. You don’t have to worry about adding too much fat to your diet with this.

The combination of sweet potatoes and salmon is also very versatile. You can add the greens for a high protein, high iron and Vitamin A boost. Or use them to replace other meats, such as lamb, turkey, or pork.

For an extra dose of iron, eat the greens with the salmon. Iron cannot be absorbed through the skin, so sweet potato will still provide you with plenty of iron without having to give up the taste of the salmon. Just eat the sweet potato and you’ve got a high source of the nutrient without giving up the taste. It’s a winning combination.

There is yet another reason to eat these two items together. They make a great side dish for any meal. If you’re eating the main course that has meat, this would be a perfect addition to the menu. You could include the sweet potatoes and the smoked salmon along with some baked potatoes and a green salad to round it out. Or you can just serve it on its own.

A third reason to eat these two items together is that they are both very easy to make. If you cook them separately, you will have to spend a lot more time preparing them. However, when you cook them together, you can cut the time down by making each one easier to prepare. In fact, I often find myself finishing the sweet potato recipe and then quickly cooking the salmon.

These three reasons to enjoy smoky salmon and sweet potato cakes with green salad are good reasons to experiment with different dishes like this. You may want to try different combinations of them to see what you like best. Or, if you’re new to making food at home, I would suggest trying these two. Start with one and see how it goes. You may just find yourself picking up this delicious new recipe and making it your own.

Smoked salmon and sweet potato cakes with green salad are a great way to complement any type of meat you would like to have on a meal. The sweetness of the salmon complements the rich flavor of the sweet potato and the nuts help to support the health benefits of the salmon. This makes this dish a great choice for lunch or dinner, and even snacks on the go.

There are some other types of smoked salmon that you may also want to try. Siberian salmon is made with smoked salmon fillets rather than the more common salt water method. Saltwater salmon tends to lose flavor and become dry over time. However, the sweet potatoes in the smoked salmon will still give you that buttery flavor you love and it will also help to replenish the moisture that saltwater fish loses.

If you like tart foods, then you will absolutely adore these two items. Smoked salmon and sweet potato cakes with green salad provide you with the savory flavors you crave without the heavy meats. You also get to eat delicious food while being healthier than the norm. As an added bonus, your kids will also love them, especially if you serve them at the party as well.

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