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Enchanters Castle

Our Shakely’s on wheels at Enchanters Castle in Kentucky

If you love the magic of a funfair and the excitement of a free ride, then the Enchanters Castle is the place for you. You can find Shakeys on Wheels at Enchanters Castle so that your children can have loads of fun while at the fair. They will love the crazy fun rides that are available with this great new ride toy.

You can take your kids on a ride through Neverland with the magical Shakey’s. This is going to be an awesome day out for the whole family. You can also get the fun and excitement of the Goofy’s Pool and a Trip to the Fountain. The kids are going to love getting their arms dirty when they are in these great costumes.

The magic of the Shakeies on wheels is amazing. You can feel like you are really in Neverland when you are taking your little ones on this great adventure ride through this amazing castle. You will love the special feeling of going on this ride as it will transport you to an entirely different world. You can see the sights that the Enchanters Castle has to offer you. It is going to be one of the most amazing ways that you can enjoy the fair during the summer season.

During the morning when you arrive at the fair you can get on the Shakeies and go on adventures through the castle. When you see that the weather is good you can take your kids for a rollercoaster ride over Neverland. Then after you have had your fun with the Shakeies on Wheels in the morning, the best part about the day is that you can take your kids for a tour through the other rides and attractions that are available. You will love the thrill that the other kids are going to give you as they turn the switchboards on and off for the different attractions.

After the tour, you and your kids will then be able to take some time over to the Tea Shop to buy some hot chocolate and a teapot. When you get back to the Amusement Park, the fun doesn’t stop there. There will be a fire in the middle of the park that will heat up your kid’s outdoor play area for the night. Your kids will love the opportunity to jump around and have fun in this inflatable playground. There are also many other things for your kids to enjoy during the night.

One of the coolest things for the older kids is the Quinceanera Celebration. This is a special pageant that takes place right before the start of the school year. There are four contestants who will compete to be the best student in the school for the next four years. This is the best time for your kids to enjoy this fantastic ride on the castle as they are going to get a chance to show off to everyone in the class how much they have improved throughout the year.

You can even hire a balloon artist and get him to create a Balloon Kids Race. When he gets to his destination, he will be able to put the finishing touches on it and you will be able to see it as it rises to the top of the hill. This is a fun ride for all ages and it is something that is going to make your visit to Enchanters Castle very special.

If you are planning a trip to Enchanters Castle in Kentucky, it is definitely a good idea to take your family along with you. The kids will love everything about this wonderful attraction, and they will also get a chance to have some fun with their friends. The staff at the castle will help kids feel comfortable right from the start and they will be ready to go when the ride gets to its conclusion. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to explore this wonderful attraction in Kentucky. Make sure that your kids know where to go and what to do at all times while you are there!

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