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My Australian Travel Experiences one in San Francisco

Two Australian Travel got married in the US, one in San Francisco and one in Las Vegas. They were very lucky, as they happened to be on a “Fridays in the USA” cruise. I met them on their Australian Traveler Facebook page and was amazed at the things I learned from their trip. They are planning a return trip. They’ve already explored some of America’s most popular tourist attractions including, Yosemite National Park, the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.

They told me how great it was to eat food that didn’t feel like “gourmet” or “American” food. I thought it was really funny and a very wise vacation tip. When we finished our meals, we’d normally be walking around looking at the other tourist attractions. We’d ask each other questions about the country and their experiences there. You know, questions that would usually get a “no” but on this trip, people were asking lots of questions.

I also like that they’ve taken pictures and posted them on their Facebook page. So, I guess they’ve been to some “American” places too. But, what I love is when I see their posts and comments and see Australian folks commenting and having a good time. It reminds me a bit of the Australian Outback, yes I’m sure you’re correct. Australia is a great country with a lot to offer.

One thing I’d like to share with these Australian Travelers is how they chose to spend their holiday. Obviously, they had planned to go to the U.S.A. and also to Las Vegas, however, once they got to those destinations they were so surprised at how much more I could do without. So, the Australian Traveler Went to the U.S. and returned with some wonderful stories about both locations.

I can’t speak to anyone who has spent their entire vacation in the U.S. However, if I were going to spend my entire trip here (and I have), I’d consider spending a few days in Las Vegas. Although I doubt I’d actually spend that long there, it is a great destination and I’m sure that any Aussies that have gone to Las Vegas will feel the same way.

If you’re an Aussie and you’re traveling overseas for the first time, I encourage you to do some research before you go. If you’d like to see the U.S., spend some time over there and really get to know your fellow travelers. When you do travel overseas and spend time over there, you’ll understand the Australian accent when you hear someone speak English. You’ll also understand the Australian culture better when you travel and spend time in Sydney or Brisbane.

I had the opportunity to visit both cities and come back completely changed (and I was a bit blue!). The Australian travel experience was great, but the U.S. travel experience (in the grand scheme of things) was not as great as I expected. Both cities have their challenges (specifically in Vegas), but it was all worth it. I would recommend either traveling together or planning separate trips.

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to get home. I am definitely going to Las Vegas! The experience was incredible! If you ever take a trip to the U.S. and travel somewhere, you’ll definitely want to take a second trip to Australia. There’s more to see, do, and experience here than most people are aware of!

I know a few American friends who’ve traveled to Australia. They’re probably planning a similar trip sometime in the near future (hopefully in the near future!). I don’t know if I will be able to join them, but I hope to at least read about the U.S. experience. It was really inspiring to see the differences between our travel experiences. And I’m sure if we both took the same flight, we’d see some striking similarities as well.

I had a great time in Las Vegas. Although my expectations were a bit high since I’d heard so much about this amazing casino town, the experience was very similar to what I experienced in Sydney. I enjoyed the shows, the food, the casino, the atmosphere, the fun, the hotels, the shows, and the people. It seems like everyone is into gambling there, and even the locals are a cut above the rest!

It’s always nice to go back and experience a place that you had only been to before. This is a great way to get some “real” Australian travel stories and learn a little bit more about the people and places of our past. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to go to Las Vegas soon too!

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