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Most Popular Football Clubs in Germany

Most Popular Football Clubs in Germany are an interesting paradox. Due to the size and financial resources of Borussia Dortmund, some would argue that they are the most popular football clubs in Germany. However, Borussia is not alone; this title has been shared by many of Germany’s top teams throughout the years. So what makes a team the most popular football club in Germany?

Fans of football clubs in Germany like a club that embraces its history. Many clubs have an identity and as such, their supporters are determined to keep that identity intact. Many fans have been known to stage demonstrations where they storm the away End of the stadium wearing t-shirts and scarves emblazoned with their team’s name and logo.

One characteristic that seems to be common to most popular football clubs in Germany is their fanatic following. The majority of German fans are known to be hardcore fans who attend matches with banners and scarves draped over their shoulders and behind them as well. While other football clubs in Europe may have a fanatical following but their team does not.

Another thing that stands out about Borussia is the passion for the game. There is a die-hard following not just from the fans of the club itself but from many other football enthusiasts in the country. This includes supporters from many other teams who follow the games religiously either from home or away. There are even some sections at the stadiums that are specifically dedicated to Borussia supporters and their favorite teams. The stadium is often filled to capacity at times during games when the crowd seems to reach its crescendo.

Borussia also has a rich history. Many people are of the belief that having a rich background gives the club added advantages on the field. The likes of Franz Bonetti and Andre Villas-Martins have played for the national team and made it to the finals in 1996, although they were unable to retain their crown. Many of the current players are hereditary long-serving Borussian football club players who started playing the game at a very young age.

The club is also linked to very famous players who have graced the game and become legends themselves. Examples of this are Patrik Frankfurt, Mario Mandzukic and Vedran Corlucho who have all won the European Cup for club and country respectively. Club captain Henrikh Mkhitaryvez is currently on loan at Vitesse and wants to emulate the same success that his predecessors did. There is also a younger generation of fans who idolize stars such as Bastien Sergent, Mats Hummel and Siem Deedes who play for the club.

The Borussia supporters sing songs such as “You Will Never Walk Alone” while other die-hard fans sing the Borussia Zeeburg song which translates to: “You Will Never Walk Alone”. This popular chant has gained the respect and admiration of many fans worldwide. For this reason, Borussia has never had any European finals and they only have one victory in their history which was in the 1998/99 season. They are known to be a one-club league and are widely considered the most popular football clubs in Germany.

The main stadium of Borussia is located in Germany and is known to host crowd favorites such as Borussia Brugge, Schalke and Augsburg. Some of the other smaller clubs in Germany are Leverkusen, Hamburger SV, FC Nurnberg, ES Cologne, FSV 1860 and VfL Berlin among others. The Borussia stadium is known to host many fans during both the home and away games. During the summer season, the stands and bleachers of the club often become very crowded due to the number of fans and the atmosphere that it creates. To these fans, there is no doubt that Borussia could be one of the most popular football clubs in Europe.

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