Hooked Inc Game Review

Hooked Inc is a multiplayer browser game based on a real-time strategy. In the game, you have to complete your missions and accomplish different goals while fighting against the evil Dr. Darkkan. Hooked Inc has received a lot of criticism due to its similarity to other games that are similar to Zelda such as The Legend of Zelda; as well as being based on the same game concept. However, the developers have denied this claim saying that the game is not inspired by any Zelda game. This Hooked Inc Game Review will discuss the game itself and the basic concepts that make it so unique from other games in this genre.

Hooked Inc has several characters including the following: Alucard, The Doctor, Jones, President, and Professor Layton. These characters have been divided into teams and are in pursuit of Dr. Darkkan; who is trying to poison the world and turn it into a living laboratory. To do this he needs the world’s remaining water supplies, which are held in the reservoir. If either team is defeated, the other will be.

The basic goal of the game is to complete the various levels while facing various challenges. The first level is the easiest one as it only requires you to fly your airplane and shoot the enemies that appear. The first level is also the hardest. It involves using the Hook to pull down the water level. The game is quite challenging, especially if you are just starting to play. It is recommended that you start out playing with the easy level first before moving on to the more challenging levels.

Unlike other games where you have limited bullets to use during a battle, Hooked Inc features many different types of ammunition. Although the ammunition is not very powerful, it can help you get rid of stronger opponents and damage the ones that are close to you. For example, using a couple of machine guns on the first level will have lots of impact on the game; however, using hand grenades at the second level will have a greater impact. If you successfully shoot your opponent, he will fall into a pit created by the hooks. The player will be rewarded with points based on the amount of damage they cause to their opponents.

Hooked Inc is not as complex as other games with similar gameplay concepts. The controls work just like the typical shooting games with the mouse and the keyboard. There are some special commands that the player has to learn but they are not crucial to winning the game. The basic weapons and the ammunition are all found in the game. It does not require any complicated math to figure out how to win a fight; all you need to do is use your aim and the bullets that you have loaded in your gun.

One thing that the developers of this game did well was to make the gameplay incredibly challenging. Shooting the enemies from a long distance using a machine gun and destroying them as they fall is an extremely satisfying experience. As you get closer to the second level, the game gets progressively harder as enemy strength increases. The difficulty increases steadily as you move to the next level.

The hook itself is where the real fun lies. The game can be played with a group of people; you can race against your friends online or offline. Online play is more popular because many players can compete with each other at any given moment. The multiplayer mode of play has both the addicting nature of the single-player mode but also adds a bit of competitiveness to the mix. The first level is the easiest to play, making it a good choice for players who want to play the game without having to invest a lot of time in it. The various difficulty levels keep the players coming back to try to beat their high scores.

Hooked Inc is a highly addictive game that will make you want to play it again. The mechanics are not too complicated to understand and the various aspects of the game keep the replay factor high. The graphics and user interface are both charming and provide a great deal of visual pleasure. The overall package should be quite a steal, especially for such a hard-core game.

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