Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Game Review

If you are a fan of the Galaxy Attack series, then you have surely heard of the Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. This is one of the prequels of the Galaxy Attack series that has been extremely popular. The fans of this type of shooting game loved the action-packed combat scenes and the suspense that was felt throughout each scene. While it is still debatable as to whether or not Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is better than the rest of the Galaxy Attack series, I can say that it definitely had its own appeal.

You play the character of John Vasel, an engineer on the USS Enterprise. You must protect the crew of your craft from several unidentified hostile creatures who seem to be after the “Resonance Core”. Of course, being the only human on the ship, you will also have to deal with a dangerous situation when your natural suit is suddenly turned on, leaving you as a blank slate.

This is where the story begins. You find yourself in the middle of a battle between the friendly aliens called the Meta Station and the vicious aliens known as the Grellians. Your only way of survival is to shoot down as many alien targets as possible with your alien shooting rifle. However, since this game is set to the backdrop of space, you must also use your maneuverability and your engineering skills to get out of trouble as well as to score points.

Your mission is not an easy one. Upon arrival on the Gillian homeworld, you find that your ship has been boarded by a group of hostile Grellians. Searching for a peaceful planet to investigate, you come across an unusual trail of footprints that lead you into the underground maze. Your only hope of escape is to fight your way through the corridors of the base and find the Xenon Generator. The Xenon Generator is essential to the success of your mission as it makes you invulnerable to the Grellian attack team long enough to power up and send more troops after you.

The game involves a storyline revolving around a spaceship that crashes on a remote planet and almost completely destroys it. As the sole survivor, your only goal is to escape from the hostile atmosphere and learn more about your surroundings and the nature of the alien attacks that have occurred. You find yourself trapped in the underground maze of the facility and must use your wits and resources to survive long enough to reach the shuttle bay where a rescue ship is waiting.

While playing the game, you will be required to defend yourself from several waves of alien beings who lunge at you with deadly attacks. As you defend yourself, a devastating wave of plasma beam lasers and energy bolts are being fired upon your position. The only way you can survive this onslaught is to upgrade your health bar by eating enough alien creatures or collecting valuable artifacts. Your progress in the game is determined by the score you earn as well as the number of survived alien beings.

Based on the premise, a lot of people might think Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Game Review would be a positive one. This is because it comes across as a fun, action-packed game with a great soundtrack and graphics. However, the truth is that the majority of players found the game’s difficulty level to be too high for them to handle. The reason for this is that they did not understand the concept well enough and started playing the game before understanding the basic concepts of the game mechanics.

This is also one of the few sci-fi games that actually have a strong storyline. The game revolves around a story where a crew of explorers discovers an undiscovered spaceship containing aliens. It is up to you to either go after the survivors of the ship or seek out and destroy the alien craft. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Game Review is a fun space adventure game with a strong storyline that should satisfy those who wish to play something a little bit different than the space simulators that are often on offer.

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