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Celebrate Dads Day

Celebrate Dads Day at Hotel Celeste With a Full Dinner and Live Music

Celebrate Dads Day at Hotel Celeste to celebrate the special times in your life. There are special days, special occasions, and special people that mark our lives. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays…we are blessed with so many such days each year. What better way to mark these special days than by celebrating them with a trip to one of the best hotels in the world. Hotel Celeste is a unique experience in itself. It has been designed and built for families; with amenities specifically aimed towards families.

This special day is about being with your loved ones, having fun, and enjoying outdoor adventures together. It is about sharing wonderful experiences together and giving thanks for the years you have spent together. Celebrate Dads Day at Hotel Celeste with a trip to one of the places on this island where memories of your special times will always shine through. Try the special breakfast menu prepared by the chefs who create delightful sumptuous meals each morning. This will be a special treat to remember and enjoy every moment of when your special someone was born.

Celebrate Dads Day at Hotel Celeste and savour the memories of your special times spent together. You will enjoy a delightful lunch prepared by the fabulous chefs. Feel the tranquillity and peace as you enjoy an afternoon at the observation deck overlooking the tropical surroundings. In the evening, you can relax in the tropical room and enjoy the tropical nightlife. The view from this romantic room is simply breathtaking.

If you do not want to break the budget to enjoy your special days, you can still spend some money to have fun and make memories. Spend some money to attend one of the special events organized by this hotel. You can choose from one of the many special dinner shows which are available at any time of the day. You can enjoy the elegance of the evening performance by the top violinists and singers of the region. You can also enjoy the comedy performances by the best entertainers.

You can go to the dolphin watch Cruise in the evening. This is one of the most popular and interesting ways of celebrating Dad’s Day. You can enjoy the special dolphin shows, which take place at regular intervals. The dolphins start coming out of their enclosures at the exact time that you and your spouse return from a relaxing vacation.

You can avail of the special day with all the arrangements for a picnic. You can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine together with your family. There are a fantastic beach and an amazing spot for strolling to have an active picnic. It is a great way to enjoy the sunshine and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

You can have a spa treatment in the evening. There are many luxury spas that offer treatments in the evenings. You can enjoy the special massage which will relieve your tired muscles at the end of the day. You can plan a romantic dinner at the romantic restaurant in the hotel. This is a great way to celebrate the special day and spend quality time together.

Many other ways of celebrating Dad’s Day are available like horse riding, golf, cycling, kayaking, and swimming. However, you need to make all the arrangements well in advance to enjoy the special times and moments. The hotels provide special facilities and amenities for all these events. You can call up and ask about them and make reservations in advance.

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